Project List

When I move a project into a portfolio I only want to see in the portfolio. By default it’s listed in the portfolio and under projects in the left navigation bar.

Welcome, @Greg_Smith2,

You can’t influence what’s shown in the sidebar Projects list, but you can change the view it offers to one of Alphabetical, Recent, or Top. Recent is determined by your latest access, Top is most visited. You can also collapse that Projects section or drag it lower in the sidebar.



Larry, Thanks for the response. It’s unfortunate that projects show both in the portfolio and main list. I’ll have 30 people working on several projects and it would have a great way to organize projects without having a huge scrollable list.

Another related question. I opened project created by another team. Now it’s in my project list. How do I remove it?


Same answer; the team the project is in is not a factor in that list.

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