Project-List Drag-and-Drop reordering not working anymore

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I used to be able to change the order of projects in the left side-bar by drag-and-dropping them. Today I noticed that this does no longer work.

Steps to reproduce:
Have multiple projects and try to drag-and-drop them in the left side-panel to change their ordering.

Browser version:
Bug happens in Chrome:
Version 80.0.3987.149

Bug happens in Firefox:

Bug happens in MS Edge
Microsoft Edge 44.18362.449.0
Microsoft EdgeHTML 18.18362

Upload screenshots below:

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Just a data point for you; I’m in Chrome Version 80.0.3987.132 (Official Build) (64-bit) and I do NOT replicate this behavior. I can drag to reorder projects in the left hand bar - under Favorites and under Teams, same as always. I can additionally reorder Reports in Reports, and Teams within Teams.

Hi @Wolfgang_Steiner, I can’t seem to replicate this behaviour either, so this might be a browser related issue. Can you try to clear your cache and cookie? Can you also check if you’re able to replicate with an incognito window?

Today the issue seems like its gone again. Reordering works as usual.
I will let you know if I can reproduce it at some point.

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