Project Filter - Current Limitations


It would be great if we could expand the filtering options a bit. One of my teams has several hundred projects, as a manager I need to be able to filter down the projects specifically, rather than see the tasks within those projects. If we could choose what level we wanted the filter to display, that’d be a huge help.

Also the option to choose whether or not it showed archived projects in the results. There are hundreds more projects that have already been archived that are cluttering my filter view, making it nearly pointless. Would love to see this cleaned up a bit.

Also on the filtering note - I frequently need to use what we call “submission ID numbers” which we have a custom field for, however when I need to search for several of them, it would be much easier to be able to put this in the main search box rather than scrolling down and adding additional filters, especially because sometimes people put these IDs in the task name rather than the custom field. I know it sounds like a minor complaint, but there is a lot of wasted time here.