Project Code for "No Project"?

I’m working on a Power Automate script to create tasks in Asana based upon certain email rules. The Power Automate Asana object requires a project ID when new tasks are created. I’d like to Create new tasks with NO project assigned so that they show up in my task list for triage purposes.

Is there a project ID which equates to “No Project” for the purposes of interacting with the API?

There is not, sorry. If a Project ID is required, you’ll have to use the ID of some existing project (or create your own project and call it “No project”, then remove the tasks from it once they get attached).

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Understood. One more question - is project ID required by Asana when creating a new task?

Nope! Asana is happy to create a task that’s not attached to any projects, either via its UI or the API.


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