Project Closeout Templates/Presentation

Curious to know - How do you all wrap up your projects formally?

Here’s my best practice. In terms of formally closing out a project, I believe there needs to be a) Lessons Learned Session with your team b) Feedback from your client c) Project Closeout Document - which gives the recap of the project, lessons learned, etc. You can easily create a project closeout slide deck or a Google Doc for historical company documentation

I’m huge on historical/project documentation. Is this (Project Closeout Doc) best suited for Project Brief OR as a separate template - like a google doc?

Would love to get some conversation around this!

Hi @Ashley_Shuler, thanks for sharing how you and your team close out projects in Asana! :clap:t2: I’m excited to see what our other Community members’ best practices are :star_struck:

Hi @Ashley_Shuler

I always struggle with Project Closeout… The need for it and the value you get out of it.

I know most Methodologies say that you should do formal Lessons Learnt etc… And most companies require and depending on the type of project they are very valuable…

However personally the two key elements that are normally focused on in a Project Closeout are;

  • Lessons Learned.
  • Client Feedback.

I think if you are awaiting to Project Closeout to identify those things then you are in big trouble.

I definitely think anything keeping it inside of Asana would be the best option. As anything that requires an action can be prioritised and tracked inside of Asana.