Project and Order management, stationary retail



We are currently looking for a completely new all-encompassing software solution for our company. At the moment we are still working a lot analogue, but now we are definitely reaching our limits and our service for the customer suffers extremely because orders disappear, are unclear or are forgotten. That’s why we now want to digitalize and restructure the whole process. This includes project and order management, a new cash register system, a coherent customer database with CRM etc. . Asana convinced me from the very first moment as project management software. Therefore we are dependent on the fact that the solutions in the other areas offer an integration to Asana. I would like to give you a short introduction about us and our requirements. Maybe someone has similar processes in his company and can offer me tips and suggestions based on his experience which overall package of different software is the right one for us.

We are: Agency/service provider, with connected production and stationary trade.

Current situation: All processes are mostly handwritten on order envelopes.

Fundamental ulterior motive/aspired solution: Digital recording of all project, work and order processes.

Example scenario:
Customer enters the stationary trade and would like to have the image file 123.jpg printed on paper xyz in the size 13x18cm. He doesn’t want a surface finishing, but would like the print to be mounted on KapaFix. He also wants the picture framed in the Rahmi frame. He would like to pick up the order at 16:00.

Desired solution:
An order mask (title: Order Fine Art Prints) that can be selected in which the following predefined masks appear:

  • Customer data (connection to CMS or cash register system?)
  • Image files (connection to Google Drive?)
  • Paper surfaces
  • print size
  • number
  • Finishing yes/no
  • Frame yes/no
  • If frame yes, which one? (Link to merchandise management system?)
  • Collection (connection to resource/personnel management?)
    An automatically generated order number would be great.
    It would also be great if the order number could be printed as a barcode including customer name to attach to the order.

This is just one of many different customer scenarios. For example, we work in the brand/corporate design area, but it’s not as complicated as stationary retail. In this area Asana covers all our wishes.

Does anyone have a similar workflow in their company and can tell me about their solution?

Thanks in advance!



Welcome on the community! I think you can achieve this with a combination of custom fields and advanced search reports! I’d be happy to discuss further, I’ll reach out in private.