Asana for Retail

Do any retailers use Asana? We use it to manage our weekly and recurring management processes. How do others use it?

Great question! Looking forward to seeing thoughts on this.

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Hi @chasedamiano
As one of Asana’s Success Managers, I’ve seen retail companies use Asana in several ways.
Below are some examples that come to mind —

I’d love to hear other people’s ideas around Asana for Retail! :slight_smile:


I’d say YES we are a retail business. B2C.

The majority of our business comes with orders that are to be manufactured//installed a month or two out - but we also have customers that walk in for DIY Materials Only (could be a post cap or a bag of gate hardware - or could be 200’ of complete fence panels, posts, fittings and gates).

We create an Asana project for each and every order that is to be installed and each DIY Order that needs to be manufactured (90% of our business) using one of about a half-dozen templates we’ve created with about 20 or so tasks that will need to be completed.

As for Walk In - take-home-now customers (General Retail), we don’t really create an Asana project… beyond internal notes warning to buy more gate hardware or other general communications.


At my company our floor team leads use asana to collect ideas, organize talking-points, and review progress for our daily line-ups.

We’ve set up a daily task assigned to the team lead for the morning lineup. In the description box of that task, individual team members add notes and sales reports for discussion the next morning.

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I’d also like to note that I suspect asana would be even more attractive to retail environments if it allowed for time-based pop-up reminders (thread here).

Hi Wally! If you’re keen to share I’d love to hear more about how you use Asana for sale orders. i want to do this also but I’m a bit overwhelmed by it and setting it up seems daunting.