Profile should display organization email address



User profiles display the primary email address when a user has more than one address, even if it differs from the address used to grant team/organization membership and even if notifications are sent to the email address associated with the team/organization. This is confusing, especially since it conflicts with the team membership list, which shows the membership address rather than the primary one.
As a user with more than one email address and membership in more than one organization, I would like my profile to display whichever email address is associated with membership in the organization (just like the project and team membership lists currently do).


Hi @Ryan_Carpenter,
I’m having the same issue today. My primary email address for one of my Organization shown through API is different from my Organization email. I’m contacting support to change the primary email to my company one. You could also ask the support to make the change for your case.
I agree with you that it would be good if our Organization email addresses are used as the primary one for each Organization by default.