Processing all Tasks in their corresponding Project with parameter (python)


I have a request regarding an API request related to Project/Tasks.
Currently I am processing all tasks in their corresponding project with a python function.
Everything is working as expected except of trying to receive the “name parameter” of the “completed_by” object.

Simplified Code Snippet:

tasks = client.tasks.find_by_project(project[‘gid’], {“opt_fields”:“name, created_at, completed, completed_by”})

for task in tasks:
** print(task[‘’])**

KeyError: ‘’ → is the Error I receive.

I also thought about something like this:

print([‘completed_by’][‘name’] or print([‘’]

but im getting the same error.

I am actually able to retreive this childnode perfectly fine in Postman. But I think I’m messing something up with accessing a childnode in a json object with Python.

Additionally, when I go into my loop and the first statement I do is a print(task[‘completed_by’]), I actually get that object returned but without the childnode “name”.

Looking forward to any help!



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Hello @Matt_Bramlage , I would like to ask if you have any suggestion / possible solution on this request :sunglasses: Your reply is much appreciated !

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cc: @Ross_Grambo

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