TASK API doesn't return Projects names


I am currently getting all tasks related to a given project, but, even though the documentation says I should receive the following elements when asking for Projects in opt_fields :
“projects”: [
“gid”: “12345”,
“resource_type”: “project”,
“name”: “Stuff to buy”

…all I get is gid and resource_type in the elements received from the API call…
Can anybody help me on this, since d like to avoid calling the API another time for projet data.

Thanks a lot !

Hi @Julien_Levy

what does your request look like?

Checkout the Input/Output Options and make sure you include “name” in your api call

You can also test here: Get a project


Thanks for your quick answer !

my request is as follows :

let response = UrlFetchApp.fetch(‘https://app.asana.com/api/1.0/tasks?project=123456&opt_fields=name,due_on,permalink_url,projects,custom_fields

Shall I be more specific ?


My first suggestion to know which opt_fields are available, is NOT to look at the documentation :slight_smile:

Instead, query one single task (/tasks/xxx), look at all the fields in the response, and use them when you query multiple tasks.

I think “projects” opt_field should work, but you can use memberships.project (without s) instead.
Sections are also in memberships.

You can add sub-fields, like

So, your query can look like this:

GET /projects/123456/tasks?opt_fields=name,due_on,permalink_url,memberships.project,custom_fields

(using /projects/12345/tasks is the same as /tasks?project=xxx)

Thanks a lot !!

I can now get a project name with that kind of request :
GET /projects/123456/tasks?opt_fields=name,due_on,permalink_url,projects.name,custom_fields

The problem is that wuth such a request I only get one projet for a given task, whereas I know that some are associated to several projects…

Any idea how to solve that ?


Use this option that @Frederic_Malenfant mentioned:


(and of course you an add other fields that you might want as well)

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