Is it possible to get the user who completed a task?

Hey there, when I get Asana data for our BI system via Fivetran, I have several task informations. The only information I couldn’t find is “who completed a task” (completed_by). Could you help here? Is that possible?

Maybe you can extract that info from the stories :thinking:

Hi @Jessi2, there is a completed_by field on tasks you can use. It’s missing from the docs, but I’ve filed a bug to have it added.


Thanks @Joe_Trollo :raised_hands:t3:

Thanks a lot!

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For me completed_by is always empty! I know I have completed tasks myself but the API does not return this information for these. Other information on the get task detail query is filled as expected (like “due_on”). I tried with both - token authentication and OAuth. In both cases I get nothing in completed_by. How can I get that information? I need to know via API who completed a task.

Hi @Henning_Gabriel and welcome to the forum!

completed_by is an opt-in field; you have to ask for it specifically by putting opt_fields=completed_by on your URL query string in order to have it returned.

Awesome thanks!

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