Bug in task results for inactive users

I think we found a bug in the API, that also affects the UI in some way.

This is related to inactive users, which are, users that are no longer in the workspace.

These users are not returned when we query /users/?workspace=zzz.
But, their history is always present in tasks (assignee, created_by, stories, hearts, …)

We are able to get tasks assignee to these users, using:
BUT, the “assignee” field is always null in return.
Even if I directly query one of these tasks, using
GET /tasks/yyy

Only the “assignee” field is in trouble, always null.
Others fields, like created_by, completed_by, stories, are ok for these users.

Also, when we try to retrieve these tasks in the UI, we get an error.
or by creator:
13 berserk geese roar softly
32 goofy quails step hourly

If I open one of these tasks in the UI, the assignee is also empty.

If I search for that username in the “typeahead”, I get no results, in the api, and in the UI in the “advanced search” section.

If I query that user directly, using
GET /users/xxx,
I can get the user info, with its email and photo null (but it’s ok), but I can see its name, like I see it in stories, completed_by, …

For those interested, I got a response from asana support…

It’s not a bug, it’s a feature.

It seems “normal” for them to remove, no not remove… hide, the assignee when he’s no longer member of the workspace.
I can still query its tasks that he was assigned to, only using the API, but in the UI it’s impossible.
I can still query the user from GET /user/x.
I can still see that he created the task, modified, it, and all its stories.
But, I can’t see that he’s assigned to the task.

So, we’ll adapt our application to set the assignee name on the task when we know for sure that user X is assigned to that task (because we ran a query to get task assigned to X)…

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