Problem with moving task into section, and it deleting the due date

I recently imported a number of “projects” that in the past would create sections automatically based on the setup of my CSV file (each project has about 40 tasks, and they are broken into 5 sections). This time, none of the sections headers became sections, so I created section headers and started moving tasks into the when I realized every task I moved had the due date deleted! I now need to manually add all the due dates back in. Why does moving a task into a section delete the due date???

This problem has been reported previously (sorry, can’t search for thread right now). It’s a really nasty bug to cause deletion of user data through a simple task move. I’m sorry to see there hasn’t been a fix yet.

HI @Gina_Fiorillo and apologies for the delay in responding.

Sorry to hear you are running into trouble here. Please note that with the new CSV importer, the way to represent and import sections has changed. Please have a look at the following guide article to learn more: CSV Importer • Asana

If this doesn’t help, please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to assist you further!
Have a great Friday!

I believe the gist of the problem is not importing per se, but the fact that “moving a task into a section deletes the due date”. Gina, please do correct me as needed. The older report, from April, is here: Project list sort strips away all my due dates. No option to undo either That’s a pretty scary bug as it is easy to wipe out a lot of data with just a benign action.

@Stephanie_Oberg have you heard of a fix for this yet. I believe this just happened to me and I’m scrambling to restore the dates somehow.

@Stephanie_Oberg , btw I am aware of the other post, “Project list sort strips away…”. The solution there, from 2019, just promises to “work to improve this process.”

I’m sorry, I have not. Maybe some of the moderators or superusers may have some first aid responses for you: @Ambassadors_Communit @Bastien_Siebman @lpb Very sorry to hear of your troubles.

Thanks, @Stephanie_Oberg, and sorry, @Andrew_Ridley.

My understanding is that for dates to be removed for tasks in List view, one has to 1) change the default sort to be by Due date, and 2) toggle off Sort within sections, and 3) drag a task into the “No Due Date” section.

It’s unfortunate that there’s no undo. That behavior is really nice for other sorts, but can be riskier in the case of Due date sort.

We’ll have to appeal to @Forum-team to see if there’s any update on this.



Hi all :wave: While we don’t have any updates on this behaviour as of yet, I can confrim that I have gone ahead and raised this with our Product team again. Hopefully we can see a change in this behaviour in the future. I’ll keep you in the loop and let you know if we have any updates :slight_smile:


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