Private Conversation

Is there a way to have a private conversation between 2 team members in the group outside of a task and team conversation?

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@Sarah_Butler, I like to create a Task in My Tasks, type the message and assign the Task to the other person (or add them as a Collaborator). Because I’ve created the Task as Private to me by starting in My Tasks, the Task will only be visible to myself and that other person.

You could also create the Task in a Private Project where you were the only member – I have a Project called “Sara’s Notes”, private just to me, that would also be a good place to create the Task. You could track a series of private conversations that way, too.

If that’s not quite answering your question, you could create a Hidden Team where you were the only member and pull in a person on a Conversation within that Team… depends on how hacky you want to get :slight_smile:


I could see a couple of really helpful use cases for this feature. In our case we use Asana to track customer projects. There are many times where we’d like to internally discuss how to solve an issue before bringing a solution to a customer. It would be helpful to use the conversations feature to track that conversation. Two ways we could see the feature implemented

#1) Create a concept of private vs public conversations. Private conversations are only viewable by members of your organization. Public conversations are viewable by project members outside your organization.

#2) Create even more granular permissions on conversations allowing you to mark them private and add specific collaborators


I have the same issue as Jeff. Want to discuss client projects privately before we bring them to the client. But, we don’t want to have to create separate tasks for internal and client-facing.

+1M to what Jeff said.