Priority sections not showing




For some reason, the priority sections in my team member’s task area disappeared. I have been trying to recreate them, Mark tasks for “Today” “Upcoming” or “Later”, changed the view, etc… But still they won’t appear.

See print screen.


Hi @Gabriel_Couturier - the sections “today, upcoming, and later” will only appear once you have prioritized when you would like to work on that task. To test this out, click into one of the tasks and press TAB+Y to mark it for today, TAB+U to mark it for upcoming, or TAB+L to mark it for later.

When you are assigned new tasks, a blue dot will appear next to the task allowing you to prioritize when you would like to work on it.


Hi Nicola,

I did that already, and it still doesn’t work…

Also, there is no blue dot beside my new tasks…?


Hi @Gabriel_Couturier - the priority sections will only appear when the assignee is prioritizing the task. Since you’re looking at Jimmy’s tasks, Jimmy will need to press the keyboard shortcuts to prioritize the sections.

It is not possible to prioritize other peoples assigned tasks.

The blue dot will only appear within your My Tasks view when you are assigned a new task. To test this, navigate to your my tasks and create a new task. This new task should appear with a blue dot.


Thank You ! It works !!