Prioritizing Team Tasks

How are you prioritizing tasks in Asana and how are you displaying the priority? Custom fields? Tags? Sections? I’m trying to prioritize my tasks and my teams tasks as well.

All of the above depending on the situation and the Asana plan. Can you share a specific use case? Are you working with one single project or many? Do you have Premium or higher?

We prioritize tasks with our team. It helps us to build a team alignment. All team members know what is important now, what are the goals. It’s impossible to do it inside Asana but there is Ducalis

is a prioritization tool. It syncs with Asana and take tasks from all projects in real-time. The team evaluates them and you get a top priorities list. It’s a fast way to prioritize Asana tasks now.

Don’t you work in Marketing for Ducalis, the app you’re recommending?

When you say “we” and “our” team do you mean the Ducalis organization?

Just trying to understand the context of the several recent posts you’ve made about this app.



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Indeed on the forum we usually tell when the tool we are promoting is ours, this became common practice…

Hi Larry,

I mean both. Our team made Ducalis as an inside prioritization tool. We have been using this tool for two years for product development, marketing tasks, and content ideas Now Ducalis is available for the whole world and different task trackers.