I keep receiving a pop up window when trying to print (both online and from the desktop app on a Mac):

“this application is not allowed to print. please contact your application vendor for an update”

I have done all updates that I am aware of and this has been an issue even since paying for premium.

Hi @Shelby_McKenna! Welcome to the Forum :wave:

Sorry to hear you’re running into this issue. Is this happening with anything you try to print in Asana or does that only occur in this specific case? Are you having the same problem when trying to log in with a different browser or an Incognito Windows?

Looking forward to your reply!

HI Natalia,

It seems to not work from the app directly, or Safari, but works fine on Chrome. I use the app mostly so that’s where I tend to try and print from.

Hi @Shelby_McKenna and thank you very much for the additional information.

We currently do not offer a native desktop app, we currently offer an iOS and Android app. Could you please confirm if you are using a third-party desktop app at the moment?

Seems like the issue is directly related to Safari since it works fine with Chrome! Have you tried to clear the cache and cookies and check if you have the latest version of Safari?

If you’re already under the latest version of Safari, I’d recommend trying to uninstall and reinstall it, it might be a small glitch causing this issue!

Looking forward to your reply!