Print Function API

Hi there,

Is it possible to create a plug in function that allows you to print and export all your asana tasks exactly as it can be seen on the website? We wish to hire someone to do so but first need to know whether asana has an open API that allows us to do so.

The CSV export is messy and the print function changes the formatting of the page. We wish to be able to print the tasks exactly as they are seen (colour and formatting) including the tasks that are below the fold and require scrolling to view.

Is this possible?

I don’t think so. However check out to generate a web view export. Design won’t be the same at first, but is fully customizable.

Thanks for your help Bastien

Hey Philippa! Asana does have a fairly robust/open API from what I understand, and obviously if three-dot can do it I’m sure your dev could as well: Asana Developers - API, Documentation & Community Support • Asana

Indeed, I could also provide all my code if needed @Philippa_Grant