Preview attachments before having to download them to open them

Hi all,

This feature would be extremely handy! A document viewer feature saves us all time. Plus all kind of important documents are now downloaded to all kinds of systems and locations. It increases security risks regarding data safety.

A document viewer with the option to disable downloads would be nice!

Any update on this Asana?


Any update on this?

I replied in another related thread but want to reply here also since this is critical for us. We’re trying to move our recruiting process to Asana (from Google Forms/Drive) and the document download situation is incredibly inefficient compared to the previews offered on Google Forms. Until we can preview documents in the browser, we won’t be able to move this process to Asana. Please add this feature - it’s very common in other similar platforms.

Adding another request for document previews including for .msg files

This would be an amazing feature, as having to download the document each time to view it is very laborious.

There is also another request like - Preview attachments before having to download them to open them

It’s almost four years from the initial posting and this feature is still not implemented. If the free version of Yahoo mail can preview Microsoft file attachments, Asana should be able to too.