Prevent Formula Column from Calculating if One Column in Formula has a Null Value

Hello everyone!

I’ve created a simple column with a formula to calculate savings based on the difference between two numeric columns. Currently, for many of the rows, one of the two columns of source data is blank and Asana is taking that blank/null value as 0 and populating my formula column with inaccurate data based on a 0 value.

Is there any way to prevent it from calculating when there isn’t a value in one of the columns used in the formula?

Thank you!

@Richard_Sather I’m guessing you have an answer to this question.


Thanks for looping me in , @Jan-Rienk.

Hi @Mary_Vaglia , welcome to the forum :wave:
Unfortunately this is the expected behaviour and I’m fairly certain there is nothing you can do about it, sorry. But feel free to share a screenshot of your formula, because there might be a workaround, based on your case.

If I’m not mistaken, the initial behaviour of a formula field was blank if not all inputs were populated but then several users asked the opposite of what you want, and they got it. It suits some people but perhaps not others.

IMO, I think Asana has done the correct thing to calculate the value, irrelevant if all inputs are populated or not.

PS: I’m also moving this thread to the Tips and Tricks category where +600k users will be able to see it. Hope you don’t mind!

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Thanks so much, @Richard_Sather! I’ve found a work around for our reporting and just created a custom column to notate when information has not been input into the null value column. I can then use a filter in my dashboard widget to pull the exact data I need. Thanks again for taking the time to respond and let me know that this is the intended behavior! :slight_smile:


That’s great, @Mary_Vaglia !