🐞 Prevent focus switch when minimising Windows app

In the windows app, I use multiple windows utilising [shift]+[click].

This to me is ideal, as I can have asana active in multiple virtual desktops, in multiple

When I minimise one of those windows however, or all using [windows]+[d], Asana minimises the window I was looking at, but I don’t get to see my desktop because instantly the second to last Asana window I touched gets focus.

When this window is in another virtual desktop I’m getting really disoriented because I often have no idea which virtual desktop window I’m looking at.

When this window is another instance I get the prompt to switch accounts, which adds to confusion.

I’m not sure if I’m intended to be able to utilise [shift]+[click] to open a new window, but this to me is ideal behaviour, as it matches mainstream browser behaviour.

I’m guessing the behaviour is related to the fact I can only open a new window by using [shift]+[click] in Asana itself, and not by shift-clicking on Asana in the taskbar.

I understand that this isn’t something that affects the majority of users, but I do feel it prevents optimal use of both Asana and Windows, and it leads me to consider whether I should be using the desktop app.