Prefill org-only form with authenticated, read-only known email address even if "Add submitters..." not checked on

In a form set to Organization-only, toggling off “Add submitters in my organization as task collaborators” means that you see empty and editable name and email address fields and you can submit a form with any email address. It doesn’t authenticate to your login, and prefill and make read-only the email address like it does if “Add submitters…” is turned on. (You still must be logged in to see the form at least, but that’s all it does.)

This request is to offer the authentication but without the “Add submitters . . .” toggled on. That toggle is currently doing double duty and it shouldn’t be; there should be a way to enable authentication without adding the submitter as collaborator.

Why does an org-only form with “Add submitters…” turned off not also show this, since it knows your login:

@Forum-team, I am describing the current behavior correctly and it’s not a bug, right? I’m assuming the above behavior is working as intended, but it’s not ideal.

@Bastien_Siebman, this is another “gotcha” for your Asana, show me your BUTs 🍑.




I am confused. If you are “org only” and not “add submitters”. Then you need to login (expected behaviour) but your form doesn’t require a name or email field, you can actually remove it.
So what’s the problem then?

Edit: I think I get it: you don’t know who submitted the form for sure…


Good question @lpb, I think this is currently expected, but @Emily_Roman is looking into this and will be in touch soon with an update!

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Hi @lpb, I was investigating this with our support team and as you mentioned, it’s currently not a bug but working as expected. I filled a VoC request with all details you shared, if something changes I will let you know.

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Thanks, @Emily_Roman.

@Bastien_Siebman, Sorry to bug you, but useful for the list! (I wish I knew why it worked the way it does; I guess it was just to simplify things because it’s not very logical or expected (to several of us, at least).

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Is :peach: B7.7 clear enough?

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Great, thanks, @Bastien_Siebman!

Does anyone know what it looks like to someone that gets a (org only) form link who isn’t an Asana user or even a non-organization email? Can they still fill it out?

See for yourself :slight_smile: Loading... - Form by Asana