Form settings: Can guests access forms set to "Organization only?"

Does anyone know if Guests can access and submit forms set to “Organization only?”

If so, will they be added as Collaborators?

Hello @Liohn_Sherer,

have a look here: Forms access permissions • Asana Product Guide

Also I just tested: if it is set to Org only in the form settings and somebody clicks on the link they are then asked to login first:

I had a guest in our org click on the link and they were able to access it.

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Thanks Andrea!
FYI I had reviewed that article, it doesn’t say anything about guests.

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Now to add the form submitter as a collaborator I recommend upvoting here: Automatically Adding Task Collaborators via Asana Forms

Hm true, @Rebecca_McGrath maybe a note can be added there to make it clear reg guest access?