Being Able to Set Form Permission Defaults

I went to go check if I could set our forms to be always public by default, but it doesn’t appear that way. Currently, it is set up for team members to be able to modify form permissions. Upon creation though it defaults to “Within Organization Only”. Seeing as we are giving this form to customers in all cases, we’d like a feature where we could make forms default upon creation to the ‘Anyone with link can access’.

Hey @felicia1, the admin can change some settings gor form permissions via admin controls „security“, for more info read about it here.
Now setting all to public by default I am not aware. Maybe also due to security reasons not sure.
One thing I have not tested yet is when saving a project as template whether the form permissions are saved also.

I’m aware of the settings under security. It looks like it does not have an option to set form permissions as always public. Maybe the template route might work if it preserves the form settings.

I have just tested this and I can confirm that the form settings I saved in the template project were pulled over to the project created from the template.

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Awesome sounds like a good plan.

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