Power BI API failing

Hi all, I’ve had a few portfolios set up as datasets for Power BI for a awhile now and everything’s worked perfectly and suddenly around noon PST yesterday I’ve not been able to get anything to refresh, even trying to map a single project fails. Is it possible that there’s something attached to my credentials that is hanging causing failures since the Asana status page is green for everything.

Data source error: DataSource.Error: The underlying connection was closed: An unexpected error occurred on a receive.. https://reporting-api.integrations.asana.plus. . The exception was raised by the IDbCommand interface. Table: Q1 Archive.
Cluster URI: WABI-US-NORTH-CENTRAL-E-PRIMARY-redirect.analysis.windows.net
Activity ID: f2cbdab6-06be-463c-a66a-35047c47b7b2
Request ID: 310f562c-ff61-463c-bc5c-cea9ce192ece
Time: 2022-03-08 22:36:01Z