Power Automate custom Connector

Hi all, Microsoft’s Power Automate has a new create a connector template, for which I can pull most of the data needed from the developer page(s) however the refresh URL seems to be missing. Does anyone have any ideas of what could go here?

BTW, I’m totally new to APIs so I’m learning as I go.

Hi @Will.S,

I think you’ll have trouble implementing with an OAuth2 authentication; basically, if I’m right, the Refresh URL is an endpoint you would have to create, and I don’t think you’re looking to build your own web app to house that endpoint.

What about using a Personal Access Token instead of doing OAuth? Might that work for your scenario? It would be a lot simpler!

Well Microsoft is trying to make this easy by giving predefined fields, but provides no context for expected input. Oh well.

It has 4 authentication types: No Authentication, Basic Authentication, API Key and OAuth 2.0. Since this is just a flow for my personal use e.g. When an Email is received meeting specific conditions, then copy existing project, I found success with basic authentication. :slight_smile:

Now to write the actual function. lol. Thanks for your help!

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