Create Webhook to Microsoft Power Automate (MsFlow)


I am wondering if anybody has managed to connect Microsoft Power Automate via webhooks?

We recently moved our company over to M365 and I am trying to make use of Power Automate to cut down on Zaps. They have a native Asana connection but this is missing a trigger of the Zapier connection. The trigger is to fire when any task is completed. Zapier has this but PA requires the project to be specified. which would mean creating many many flows.

The use case is that we will be using custom fields that will be populated on certain tasks. These will then be used in the Zap/Flow. The one example is having the clients email address, name, email subject and email body. When that task is complete the Zap/Flow will fire off an email to the client. Other fields will be used to populate a sharepoint lists.

Any ideas would be super helpful.