Possible to automatically set start and due dates when task is added to project?

I was excited to see the rules but then not so excited when I saw the limited actions. I’m wanting to create Sprints as projects and attempt to plan a few out in advance. Since the Sprint has start and end dates, the tasks should automatically adhere to those dates. Possible?

You want to create various projects named Sprint12, Sprint13 etc., and you want each of (say) 30 tasks in Sprint 12 to have the start and end dates that you define for Sprint 12? I.e. Sprint12 starts on Nov 1 and ends on Nov 15, therefore you want each of its 30 tasks to start on Nov 1 and end on Nov 15? That may be doable by rule, but TBH, I would just bulk select the tasks in a Sprint and set the dates at 1 time. That isn’t automatic but it is fast and flexible.

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