Portfolio Timeline not updated when tasks are rescheduled

I can update a project schedule by moving dependent tasks and this is reflected in the Project Timeline and the Portfolio Workload containing the project.

However, the Portfolio Timeline is not updated with the new schedule. These inconsistent views are not acceptable.

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HI @Gerald_Garcia

The portfolio timeline pulls from the projects’ date range in Overview, not the task’s date ranges that you see in Timeline.

Agree that they should be synced or at the very least, and exception thrown (like when rules are broke) showing the two times do not match.

:triangular_flag_on_post: ISSUE: Task due dates exceeds project due date

One workaround would be to create your project completion date milestone then in the project Timeline you would be able to see any tasks that go beyond that, which would then indicate that the project date range needs to be updated.

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I agree that there are manual workarounds.

However, manual workarounds should NOT be required. A fundamental purpose of productivity solutions is to eliminate the necessity of manual verification of data coherency. It is somewhat incredulous that an object representing a key metric such as a project due date is not managed by the software throughout the database.

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You can look at it differently: your manager defines the date of the project, they should not change just because your tasks inside are late :grimacing:

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I can make changes to the project to keep data coherent. It is when the supervisors, managers, directors, and vice-presidents make a change (new priorities, new projects, staffing changes, etc.) and they are not as familiar with Asana is when the lack of data coherency becomes a highly visible issue…

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