Portfolio memberships now in the API

Hi all, we have a new addition to portfolios in the API: portfolio memberships! Now, you can see all the members on a portfolio, see what portfolios you’re a member of, and add or remove members on portfolios. The new portfolio_membership resource contains two fields—one for the portfolio and one for the user—and you can read, create, and delete them though the following endpoints:

  • GET /portfolios/<portfolio>/portfolio_memberships returns all the members of a given portfolio
  • GET /portfolio_memberships
    • With query parameters for user and workspace, returns all of that user’s portfolio memberships in that workspace
    • With query parameters for portfolio and user, returns the specific portfolio membership for that pair, if it exists.
  • GET /portfolio_memberships/<portfolio_membership> returns a specific membership by GID.
  • POST /portfolios/<portfolio>/addMembers adds a set of users as members to a portfolio
  • POST /portfolios/<portfolio>/removeMembers removes a set of users as members to a portfolio

You’ll find the full reference for these endpoints in the docs for portfolio memberships and portfolios. Enjoy!