Get list of all porfolios within organisation

I am trying to retrieve a full list of portfolios (gid’s) that are in my Asana organisation. I have tried to use GET /portfolios but am limited to portfolios that I am an owner, I also run into the same issue when using GET /portfolio_memberships where I can only see the portfolios that I am a member of.

Is there a way to retrieve all portfolios for an organisation? or is there a way to get portfolio gid’s that I am not a owner or member of?

Hi @asher.brooks and welcome to the forum!

That’s correct; per the Asana API team, that’s a limitation of the web product and the API team has to work off of the core web product’s capabilities and limitations.

Here there’s good news: you can pass any user ID and get the portfolios that user is a member of. It’s not limited to only your user.

See this thread as well:

Thank you for the response.

You are right I have been able to use GET /portfolio_memberships to retrieve what I need.

Thank you for the help

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