Get portfolio items missing owner name

I am successfully fetching portfolio items through the asana python client as such:
self.asana.portfolios.get_items_for_portfolio(portfolio_id, opt_fields=[“name”, “owner”])

This correctly returns the fields I need but in the owner section there is only the gid and the resource type. The documentation Asana says that I should also be getting the name as part of the owner section.

I am able to get fetch this extra information by looping through the items and calling get_user for each gid but this adds significant latency and I need this name or email to find the corresponding slack user

Is there a way to solve this issue?


Hi @Vincent_Fronterotta and welcome to the forum,

I haven’t tried this on a portfolio object but try asking for in opt_fields:

self.asana.portfolios.get_items_for_portfolio(portfolio_id, opt_fields=[“name”, “”])

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Hi @Phil_Seeman

This solved it! Thanks a bunch, good to know that I can specify nested fields like that


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