Popout Tasks at the Bottom of Screen

I have found that in my Asana blue tasks appear at the bottom of my screen. When I click on the task it pops out and assigns me onto a task and adds me as a collaborator without it being connected to any project.
I have tried removing the tasks but they keep coming up.

I am not sure if it’s a glitch or something new but I am operating via website version and had these tasks beginning from 2 days ago. I am needing some help please in removing these pop up tasks as shown below.

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Here is what it looks like when popped open.

Welcome, @Renee_Cortes,

Is there any chance you’re hitting Tab+Q or doing the “+” Create menu choosing Task?

These come from creating a quick-add task.

Perhaps click the “x” to close all the existing ones, then watch for the moment the first new one appears and see if you might have just hit that shortcut.

If that turns up nothing, I recommend following the troubleshooting steps and if that doesn’t help, then email support@asana.com and point to this thread.



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Thank you! I tried clicking Tab+Q and that allowed me to delete the other blue tabs. I think it may have frozen or got stuck but after clicking Tab +Q I was able to adjust it.

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