Policies and Procedures Template- especially for Nonprofit?

We’re a small nonprofit attempting to first time documentation of procedures that will need to be done by anyone in a particular role going forward (for example, annual campaign tasks/procedures).

Looking to see if there’s an already established template that could be used or modified for this purpose. Thanks for any insights you can provide!


Hi @Leslie_Lytle,

Asana can b a great place to document policies and procedures especially if you’re already using Asana for other things.

I’m afraid I don’t have a template for you, just some suggestions.

First, I try to make Asana project templates and task templates self-documenting so needed instructions and context are found right with the work.

For building your policies and procedures library, I think I’d create a project for each major topic area. Perhaps house all these in a public P&P team for easy reference, or just put those projects in a team where everyone is your org is already a member (e.g. “All”).

The sections/columns in each project would correspond to the headings or categories in that topic area. Use list view or board view whichever you think works best for you. If you have graphics, board view is more enticing, but I usually favor the more powerful list view.

In this way you can see that it might be hard to have a more specific Asana project or task template to go on than the above, since each topic area will be different. But I’d get my inspiration googling about generic best practices for documenting polies and procedures and just deploy them using the Asana tools above.

Hope that helps,