Please support email subject abbreviations (RE: and FW:) in other languages

Hi Asana team,

[What we already have]
When forwarding emails to Asana, the common abbreviations such as RE:, Re:, FW:, Fwd, are automatically deleted from the task name, which is really neat and nice.

[The problem]
I’m working at a global localization company, and I communicate with colleagues in many different countries, including China and Germany. When I forward emails with “回复” and “AW”, those abbreviations stay on the Asana task name. I manually delete it every time.
As many of our email subjects start from our internal numerical job ID, it’s important that the task names start with the job ID.

Example email subject:
123456 - Client Name - 010 - Task Name - EN-JP

It’s not really a trouble to manually delete the abbreviations.
However, I’d like to propose supporting the abbreviations in other languages, because I think it’s easy to implement. Also, I don’t think it causes false positives (deleting unwanted part of the email subject), because the abbreviations end with a colon (I’m not sure if all of them do, though).

You can just implement the rules to delete the abbreviations listed in the table in the below page, and everyone will be happy:

Thank you for your consideration in advance!