Import -> Email / Create a redirect for this email


I use the Import → Email function to create a task in a project via email.
Because this email looks something like this: I created a redirect, to this email.
This works - the task gets created, however when I send an email to this emailaddress I get an answer from asana that the task is created, but someone in the To: field is not a member.

Can I disable this answer email? Or what would be the correct way to set this up?

Thanks and best regards

Hi @Nelson_Barreira, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! Could you give me more details about the email you are trying to disable? I’d like to see if I can reproduce the issue on my end!

Hi Emily and thank you

So I go to a project and from there import → email. This gives me an emailadress like x+123142312312312@mail.asana[dot]com. I then create a redirect from our companydomain to this email. for example: itsupport[at]companydomain[dot]com. If I now send an email to itsupport[at]companydomain[dot]com I get an email back. I only have the email in german:

Ihre Aufgabe wurde erfolgreich in Asana erstellt. Dennoch senden wir Ihnen diese E-Mail, weil jemand, den Sie im Feld „An:“ oder „CC:“ in Ihrer E-Mail aufgeführt haben, nicht Mitglied des Unternehmens, des Arbeitsbereichs oder des Projekts ist, an das Sie die E-Mail gerichtet haben. Mehr dazu erfahren Sie im Asana-Handbuch: https://asana[dot]com/guide/help/email/email-to-asana

itsupport@companyemail[dot]com ist keine gültige Adresse.

---------- Nachricht erhalten---------- Von: me[at]ompanyemail[dot]com An: “IT Support (Asana)” <itsupport[at]companyemail[dot]com> Betreff: Test 1

It basically says the task was created, but itsupport[at]companyemail[dot]com is not a valid address.

Can I disable this email?

(I had to replace some links with [dot] and [at] to be able to post)

Thanks for getting back to me, @Nelson_Barreira! I see what you mean, you are currently receiving that email because the email address “itsupport[at]companyemail[dot]com” is not part of the Organization and it was not added as collaborator of the task. I’m afraid is not possible to disable this warning as this is the way to notify when there was an error taking an action in Asana. Apologies for any inconvenience!