Please make it possible for Forms to generate more than 1x Task

I would love a way to have a single form populate multiple tasks.

For example, if a team member is requesting a timeline for a photoshoot, a video shoot, and a written article, and they check boxes for all of these products, I would like Asana to populate a photoshoot Task, a video shoot Task, and a written article Task.

Currently, team members need to submit the form multiple times to get this result, which is incredibly time consuming.

You can do just this with rules. If they tick a couple pot boxes you can create new tasks or subtasks

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Can you please show some screenshots of how to this? Is it possible for the different tasks to have different dates? I ideally want to complete one form and generate 3-4 separate tasks, with separate dates. I’d prefer these to be tasks rather than sub-tasks for better visibility.

Here’s what you should probably end up with. Have you used Rules before? Which plan are you on?