Please make a Premium Solo Plan

Thanks for the heads up. We’re building a really large company here but I have to start this stuff out on my own, and I’m ready to make the switch too. Clickup, it is.

Hopefully this becomes a story of how corporate greed leads to corporate destruction. Making the switch today and will forever talk about this story and what it says about corporate decisions and how companies should be managed. Clickup, it is


I would hold on before making the switch. I recently helped a client to switch from Asana to Click Up and in the process also started testing out Clickup. Though there are a lot of functionality that you gain, it felt to me that I lost clarity. I regained that again in Asana. I’m glad that I spend the time working on Clickup, Bit to be honest, I would rather work around the limitations in Asana and keep the clarity and get things done than have a lot of features but after some time feel overwhelmed by the tool itself.


I had the same issue. I completely had moved to ClickUp but found it too busy.

Also recommending that you don’t just automatically switch to Clickup. I tested it out and within a day I switched back to Asana. It’s more cluttered, even once you figure out the features it isn’t intuitive to use, and it still didn’t give me the features I need (that to be fair I also can’t afford to pay for at the current pricing for Asana premium, but at least I know they’re available in Asana for when that changes). I’ve seen Clickup recommended a lot in this thread as the best alternative, but I did not find that it was even an effective alternative at all. It’s disappointing to finally find the program that meets everything I need, in a way that is easy to use once you figure it out, only to be shot down from the start due to its pricing model - otherwise I would be singing Asana’s praises far and wide.

Hi everyone,

I’m Gabe, a product manager here at Asana. We’ve always believed that Asana is a place for teams to collaborate and grow, and we’ve heard from the community that our current 5-seat minimum hasn’t been the right fit for small teams. Given the level of interest from community members, we are excited to let you know that we are exploring potential plan options for teams under 5.

Starting today, we are testing a small team solution where a randomized subset of new and free Asana users can purchase 2, 3, or 4 seats on Premium and Business. This test will not be available to existing paying customers, and it’s also important to note that this is a test and may not be shipped in the future.

We hope you are as excited as we are about this first step toward a solution for groups under five, as this is a result of hearing requests from people posting in the community forum. The team at Asana is grateful for your feedback - it’s a critical piece of input in the product development process!


This is the best AMAZING holiday gift ever! Thank you guys for listening to our feedback!


Hey Gabe! I’d love to try it if possible.


Hi @Hemma :wave:t3:

Marie here stepping in for my colleague Gabe! As it stands, we’re not able to manually opt users into this test, but we’ll make sure to keep you posted if we decide to go ahead and make it a permanent solution!


Marie - Do you have any insight into the timeline for this decision? Are we talking weeks or months? Also, where would that announcement occur? I’d like to check-in occasionally, unless you can add me to an applicable email list.

Hi @John_Economos,

I don’t have a precise date to share just yet, but this test will definitely run for the next couple of months. I will update this thread as soon as I have more more to share, so if you aren’t yet, I’d recommend watching this thread :slight_smile:


This is great news and I have been opted in to try it but it’s still far too expensive to justify me purchasing it. I was looking more on the lines of £9.99 for a single user seat. It’s only around £7 cheaper than 5 seats so it’s basically paying a similar amount for less seats.

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I would love to upgrade to premium! Please make this a feature for small/solo teams. I will be so sad if it doesn’t become a thing. Take my money!!

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This is absolutely amazing! Could I please try this out?

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Hi @Vaughan_Rouesnel,

As Marie says, they aren’t able to provide it to specific users - it’s a random test for now.

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I wonder what they are testing for. I can’t imagine how to test a pricing model in this way.


Hello Marie - Thank you for jumping into this thread. Please add my name to the long list of individuals here who would like access to Timeline without having to upgrade to a team plan.

Just came here to vote YES on a premium solo plan! @Marie not sure if I can get added to the beta version but please put me on the waitlist for a solo plan. Thanks! Love Asana and I tell all my clients about it - I would love to let them know you have a solo premium plan too!


Hi @Randall_R_Jacobs and @Kate_Weed,

I’m afraid we aren’t able to manually opt in users during the test phase, but we will keep you posted on this thread if we decide to make these plans permanent and available to all users!


Hi @Marie , I’m also interested in the solo premium plan, please keep us updated.

Merry Christmas