Please give option to remove Project Status updates from Conversations feed

I want so badly to use the Project Status feature, and I appreciate the work done on the recent updates. The reason no one on my team can use the Project Status feature is because the status updates automatically post in the Conversations tab, which junks it up and pushes important content down. Meaning, the more I update the Project Statuses, the more posts in Conversations, and the lower down the list the important Conversation content goes.

Please give us an option to “hide” Project Status updates from the Conversations feed. Please please please!

Hi @Lena_Masek_Roberson, thanks for taking the time to share this feedback with us!

We’ve recently made some changes in our Project Status feature and we are always happy to receive more feedback and ideas that can be implemented to improve it. I’ve gone ahead and sent your feedback internally and I’ll let you know if when I have news about this feature.

Thanks again!

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I see this is a few months old and only has 1 vote but this is something I’d really like as well. It would be great to have a filter, even, like you do on Inbox, to only show conversations.

But I do think Conversations just shouldn’t show status updates at all, since you can browse all status updates from the Progress tab.