Please document the limit on the number of custom fields

Found an ungooglable error today:

  errors: [
      error: 'custom_fields_in_object_limit',
      message: 'You can not add any more custom fields to this object.',
      user_message: 'You can not add any more custom fields to this object.',
      help: 'For more information on API status codes and how to handle them, read the docs on errors:'

The mentioned docs, Errors, do not discuss this error.

I want to add ~100 fields. Why isn’t this possible?

Which limit are you reaching?

What is the “object” that can’t get more than 100 custom field?

Is it a workspace, that can’t get more global custom fields?
Is it a project with a specific custom field only for that project?
Or, is it a link between a global custom field that is used by a project?

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Ah, sorry, a project, using a global custom field.

And it’s not that it can’t get more than 100. It can’t get more than 20-30.

I haven’t hit any limits yet adding to a workspace.

The project limit doesn’t seem mentioned in the docs anywhere (not just the error).


I believe you’re hitting the limit of 30 custom fields per project.

See 1.3 in:



Thank you @lpb , sorry I missed that. It might be good to make the error googleable by linking to that limitation from a page mentioning the error code.

Is there any way we could get that limit lifted to 100?

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@Kevin_Bloch, you can request these with new (separate) requests in Product Feedback.

Note that the limitation is already specified in the Asana Guide: How to Create and Use Custom Fields in Asana | Product Guide • Asana Product Guide



Will do. And yes, I saw that link in the section. The limitation is
mentioned, but not the error code. Thanks, -K

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