Please allow us to change % field rollups to be AVERAGE instead of SUM, or to DISABLE rollups on % custom fields

The new product update of adding roll-ups to percentage fields makes zero sense.

A parent task with three subtasks.
Sub 1 custom field “% complete” says 80% complete
Sub 2 says 30% complete
Sub 3 says 20% complete

The parent roll-up saying 130% makes no sense, is irrelevant, and is incorrect with the intent of the field.

Please allow us to disable rollups in the field settings OR to modify it from SUM to AVERAGE.

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Alternatively, perhaps having the ability to set a rollup formula (in this case, average vs. sum) would be a way to add flexibility to the function.


I agree. I think having the ability to decide what the parent task should carry would be useful. Roll up is usefull for budget for example, but not for percentages. So having the ability to distinguish and decide what the parent task should do would be useful.

@Bryan_TeamKickstart dont forget to upvote your own feedback :slight_smile:



@Rashad_Issa - thanks for the reminder on voting for my own post.
Reminder to you too, if you agree, to vote for it. :slight_smile:

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@Stephen_Li - great idea. I’ve modified the request.

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Totally agree Bryan! I posted something very similar but about the roll up calculations for the Portfolios :slight_smile: Roll-Up field in Portfolios to allow other functions besides SUM

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@Kelsea_Lopez - seems like the adjustment is needed in the automatic rollups in projects AND in the rollup fields in portfolios. Change needed both places.

Now voted on yours too - thanks!


This has been a big nightmare for so many implementations on my end.

Here are the use cases that have blown up:

  1. When using the formula - the value being used is the roll up value instead of the actual value on the parent task.

  2. When you sort by column - it’s being done on the basis of parent task value which isn’t even visible unless you hover over it.

  3. There are different use cases for the value on parent task - some use the parent task value directly while others use it as an average/sum of all the subtasks.

I love the update it kills the manual process of sum/avg all the subtasks.

This can work for everyone if we have these options:

  1. Ability to toggle on/off roll-up for each field
  2. Decide what the roll-up should be sum/avg/count etc
  3. Add logical conditions based on field type and value

P.S: Asana should validate with users before rolling out A/B tests like these - so many reports and values have been ruined on my end.

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