Plan choose for family with rules functionality

Hi, could you suggest Asana payed plan for family with 2 teens and 2 parents, totally 4 people. We need rules functionality for auto assigning “assigned for” for personal projects.


I recommend you go to:

And then scroll down and click Compare all features.

In the table, compare the Starter and Advanced columns and judge which plan features and pricing makes the most sense for you.

I’m suggesting one of these two would be best for you, and you likely wouldn’t be a candidate for the other three plans.



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Thanks for your reply. How much I need pay for 4 members of my female? Will it be it 1 seat or 4 seats for one joint family environment?

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@Ivan_S1, Answers to those questions are all found on the page I linked you to, or you can contact Asana Sales (link at the top of that page).

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