PipeDrive to Asana: Passing Date Info into Asana

Hey all -

In integrating Asana with PipeDrive, it doesn’t appear that - via the default integration - there is any way to share any type of dates from PipeDrive into Asana. I’m guessing that this must be done via direct API in some way? Thanks!

Hi @Nick_Rivero,

You could certainly programmatically read data from Pipedrive and then use the Asana API to write it into Asana.

Before you go having to write your own code, though, I would first explore integration tools like Zapier, tray.io, etc. and see if they can accomplish what you’re wanting without having to write any code.


Hey @Phil_Seeman. I did indeed try Zapier’s native Asana integration, but it does not allow you to pass a start and end date into a task, only a due (end) date.

I switched over to using Webhooks and a POST request to do this manually and it works successfully. Definitely a bit more work, but works great.

Thanks for the help!

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