Asana + PipeDrive integration - can I test it?

I use with the sales Team PipeDrive and we activate integration with Asana: Monosnap

How can I activate one on Asana side?
Can I test it with free account, if yes how? If not, can I do it with period so to be sure it works for me & my team?

Hi @Sergiy_Zinkivsky! Have you already checked this article? “Pipedrive + Asana" • Asana. If you have any follow-up question, I would recommend to reach out directly to PipeDrive ( as they’ve built the integration. You can also have a look at the handy GIF in this article: Pipedrive integration: Asana - Knowledge Base | Pipedrive

Thanks, will reply you asap, as will solve all questions with PipeDrive Team.

p.s. 7min, you are cool :slight_smile:

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