Pinning and Starring Team Conversations




Is there a possibility to pin important or continuous team conversations to the top (like with task comments)? I couldn’t find or develop any work around for this yet. It would also be great, if it was possible to star conversations (add them to the Favorite bar). I am using these conversations to update our developer team about certain topics and to provide a continuous feedback channel for our project management.

Looking forward to your feedback!

Important Improvements to Conversation Functionality

You have couple of options:

  • For your own needs: First of all you can have Private Project that has all your favorites there. I have one that has ★ character in title. You can star that project to have it in sidebar. Inside your private project you can organize sections and sort them as you wish. This approach works only for tasks and they are quite fast to locate.
  • For your Team: For Regular project, that you want to have some of the tasks highlighted, just create section titled “★:”, put that section on top of the project and move all tasks deserving extra attention there (with coupe of clicks).


Thanks for the advice! So far I am solving it by using a “table of content” project for everyone (me included) and marking the important ones (with a tag though and not a star :wink: ). It works out well, but I am not sure how it will look like once there is way more content. We are just at the beginning of our Asana journey. :smiley:

I might actually make a private “Favorites” project on top of that though. That’s a great idea!