Photos attached to a task not shown in Android app.

Hi, i am having issues with the Android App not showing thumbnails or list the attachments in tasks. I can tap 9n the name of an image, but instead of just opening it is downloading, something it has never done before. I cant find a setting, nor did i change anything either to cause this. I have uninstalled the App multiple times and re downloaded and installed to no avail.
Any suggestions?
Thank you Mat


Also they do not list under the attachments section


Pictures are taken using iPhone and uploaded from it. Using iPhone, pictures show up fine, but on an Android device, pictures are shown up as filename and clicking it downloads it to the phone’s Gallery. Is this a normal behavior?


Hi @고한종
I do not believe this is normal behaviour although I do not use android.

@ambforumleader anyone uses android and can verify this before checking whether it should go to support or not?


Maybe it is related to the .heic format Apple uses? Not all applications can open this.

Hi there,

Having the exact same issue here since the end of last week.

We are facing the same problem the last 4-5 days.

Can’t see any files attached to tasks on Android since last week. The same thing happens to my colleagues who use Android. It doesn’t happen on iPhone.

Same here, all of our android app users facing this issue.

same here. is there any info on this?

We have the same problem , it is too difficult to work using mobile app. It ’ s been a week …any help ?

Hi @Vanessa_N Can I just check if this is expected behaviour or a bug?

Android phones can open heic format. At least mine does and I use the format as default here.


This shouldn’t be expected behaviour. This basically makes the app unusable for my company. :frowning:


Hi @Rashad_Issa, thank you for tagging me here. I can confirm that we’ve received other reports about this issue with attachments, and we are waiting for our Developers to confirm if this was an intended change or if it’s a bug. Attachments seem to be working fine on iOS, and this is only impacting Android devices. As soon as I have an update I’ll let you all know. Sorry for the trouble!


Great! Thanks a lot for the prompt response, Vanessa!

No worries at all! In fact, our Developers just got back to me confirming that this is indeed a bug. They are currently working on a fix, and if everything goes well, the attachments will be back to normal in our next update, which we expect to be released around May 30th. If they manage to deploy the fix before that date, I’ll let you know!


Hi everyone, sorry for the trouble. We already have a thread on this topic, so I’ll merge this one to make sure all reports are in the same place. To provide some context, our Developers have already identified the cause of this issue, and we are hoping to have a fix implemente in the next update, around May 30th.


Hope they could fix it sooner. We can’t work without the attachments .


Also having the same issue. The alternative/workaround is to copy the task link and open it in the mobile browser to download the attachments. Hoping for a fix as it’s very annoying to work with the app now.