Photos attached to a task not shown in Android app.

This is such a core issue for professional users in many fields. For us for example it’s essential.

And if it’s already identified it shouldn’t take weeks to be fixed. Please push out a hotfix and don’t wait with it till a bigger update!

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Same problem here. For my work team, the correct work of the attachment visualizations is essential. Please fix the problem on Android :pray:t2::pray:t2::pray:t2:

Thanks in advance.

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Hi. This is a critical issue for our android users and must be prioritised surely?
Are we still expecting a fix on the 30th May???
Could someone advise if this has been made a more urgent fix please?
Thank you.


Hi everyone, sorry for the delay. This issue has been fixed in our latest update. Please download the new version, and if the issue persists, let us know!

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