Petition for being able to "deselect ALL" member notification checkboxes at once in the 'member notification settings'

I run into this quite a lot when setting up a new project template, there’s usually 50+ people involved in each project and the member notification settings need to be deselected manually each time, making it quite time-consuming. Would be super appreciative of a small ‘deselect all’ checkbox for the future.

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Although I agree with your proposal, a lot can be solved by changing the default notification settings. These will be applied to all new projects.

What I have also noticed is that since recently when adding new project members the setting for “Notify them when new tasks are added to this project” seems to have switched from opt-out to opt-in.

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Yes, I agree. it takes my vote as well. I think it should be a simple thing to add.

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But that’s based on an individual’s own notification settings right? I’m not able to change the default notification settings for everyone. Lots of folks sadly don’t go into the settings and change it and it would be nice to have the option to just deselect everything all at once, without needing to have 100 folks go into their private settings and make sure everyone’s updated the same settings.

I’m wondering what exactly your request is then.

The title suggests bulk changing your own current settings under Manage individual projects, which is what I would vote for.

If people need to manually adjust their settings then wouldn’t this be solved by them correctly setting their default settings? (Something I’d advise to cover with user onboarding)

I could see this being an argument for Override everyone’s notification settings for a specific project or to be able to change everyone’s default notification settings (as admin I guess)

Can you clarify what you mean?

Hi, no I wasn’t suggesting bulk changing my own current settings. The screenshot is from a shared project and when you go into the projects’ notification settings, the hundreds of little checkboxes are notification settings for everyone else. I’m just looking for ONE checkbox that could deselect all of the marked checkboxes all at once. When you’ve got hundreds of people working on something, I find it should be unnecessary to on-board folks so they have the correct notification settings as that takes additional time, sometimes people are out or not available and some people just won’t do it regardless. Would be hard holding so many folks accountable. Would just be nice to have one checkbox turn it all off at the very top, so I can adjust the notifications for everyone all at once.

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Check. I didn’t even know this was an option. Good to know. :slight_smile:

Yes I think the option to expand this ti be able to select/deselect for all (per column) would be a good idea.

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