Personal note for each task in My Tasks

I don’t know if anyone had requested this but I would love to be able to take notes on each task in My Task list at the location with the red arrow, like:

task A - still waiting for file download
task B - waiting for approval, already sent draft to Amy
task C - John wants to comment on sth…

It would be a tremendous help for those who are multitasking, instead of having to wait for a few minutes to try to recall the status of each task.

Hi @Mạch_Quang_Luân , welcome to the forum :smiley:

Seeing that you are using tags instead of custom fields and there is no ‘+’ icon near your red arrow, I’m assuming that you are on the free plan…?

On the Premium & Business plans you can add custom fields to your My Tasks, in which case you could create a text field called ‘Personal Notes’ and type in the notes you mention above.

These notes would remain private just to you (unless you share your My Tasks with someone else)

You can also refer to the topic here: Make way for Custom Fields in My Tasks!