PDF Attachment Not Displaying Correctly

  • Bug Description:

On certain PDF files the data is not properly displayed when previewed in browser. The static portion of the PDF (the template) is displayed correctly, however the user generated content of the PDF is not being displayed.

This does not apply to all PDF files. It is happening only on specific internally generated PDFs however we have not previously had issues uploading these files in that past only very recently.

^^ Areas in green should have data but it is not being displayed.

  • Steps to reproduce:

Like I mentioned above this only seems to be happening with a specific PDF we generate for our business. I would be happy to share some for debugging purposes (not publicly). The issues persists across Edge and Chrome (have not tried Firefox or Safari).

Interestingly when downloading this file and viewing it locally the data is displayed correctly so it seems the information is staying with the file it is just not being shown correctly.

This issue persists across all projects and logins.
This issue is present when viewing the file in incognito mode.
When viewed through the Asana App for iOS the PDF is displayed correctly.

  • Feature impacted:

File attachments and sharing.

  • Status:

Hi @Michael_Case, thanks for flagging this! I’m sorry that you’ve run into this issue.

It looks like this is a new bug that our Engineering team has just become aware of. They are currently working on a fix! :slight_smile:

I’ll keep you posted here with updates as I receive them :slight_smile:


Hi @Michael_Case, our team has confirmed this issue is now resolved! Please let. us know if you have any other questions or if the issue persists! :raised_hands:

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